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YK-2WDD35D4 Potentiometer
浏览: 发布日期:2018-05-17
Potentiometer Product Description:
Single loop angle displacement sensor, conductive plastic resistance substrate, up to 50 million times of life, linear precision up to 5/10000, customized according to customer needs, welcome the angular displacement sensor wholesale.
Yueqing Yinniu Hoisting Electric Co., Ltd. not only produces single potentiometers, but also produces double rotary potentiometers. The product has 6 terminals, the output mode is extremely stable, and the synchronization is high. It is a rotary angular displacement sensor widely used in ship equipment.
Product features:
High linear precision
Long mechanical life
Small dynamic noise
Easy and reliable installation
Hunan Yan Kai Electrical professional production potentiometer, about potentiometer series model detailed data, welcome to consult us!

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