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YK-FJ11 series Joystick
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technical parameter
Mechanical parameters
Rocking angle: + 32
Operation mode: spring automatic reset, double axis arbitrary direction operation.
Starting power: 3.8N
Maximum operating force: 12N
Limiting force: 300N (upper end of H is greater than 160N)
Service life: more than 2 million times
Weight: 125g
Electrical parameters
Power supply voltage: <36Vdc
Total resistance value: 5K Omega
Electrical angle: + 30 degrees
Median voltage: 48% to 52% (relative power supply voltage)
Median dead zone angle: + 2.5 degrees
The maximum voltage of the potentiometer: 32Vdc
The potentiometer allows maximum power consumption: 0.25W (25 degrees C)
Directional switch:
Load capacity: 2mA@30Vdc (resistive load)
Starting angle: from 3 to 5 degrees
Contact resistance: <200 Omega
Environmental parameters
Working temperature: -30 C ~ +70 C
Storage temperature: -40 C ~ +85 C
Protection grade: IP65 (above the installation panel)
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