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YK6 series Joystick
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Hunan Yan Kai electric professional production industrial joystick, operation handle, industrial rocker, specific model has YK100 joystick, YK200 joystick,YK02  joystick, YK02 joystick, YK500C  joystick, YK500C joystick, YK500b joystick, YK800 joystick ,YK6 operating handle ,YK11 operation handle,YK-FJ6/YK-HJ70 operation handle and other products!
Finger tip operation, spring automatically reset.
Operation in any direction.
The output voltage range can be selected according to the needs.
The RS232 or USB interface can be selected for output.
This series of products are mainly used in electric wheelchair, video control equipment and medical equipment.
technical parameter
Mechanical parameters
Rocking angle: + 20
Mode of operation: automatic spring reset
Starting power: 2.3N
Maximum operating force: 6N
Limiting force: >300N
Service life: >500 million times
Weight: 120g
Electrical parameters
Power supply voltage: 5 + 0.5Vdc
Power current: <18mA
Limit allowable voltage: 30Vdc
Reverse limit permissible voltage: -15Vdc
Load resistance: >10K Omega
Median voltage: 2.5 + 0.2V
Output linear error: < + 5%
Environmental parameters
Working temperature: -20 C ~ +70 C
Storage temperature: -40 C ~ + 8
Protection grade: IP65 (above the installation panel)
If you need to purchase YK6 series industrial joysticks, please contact us for more information about this series of industrial joysticks. E-mail:, contact number: +86 15574324501!

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