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YK-SP series Joystick
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Hunan Yan Kai electric professional production industrial joystick, operation handle, industrial rocker, specific model has YK100 joystick, YK200 joystick,YK02  joystick, YK02 joystick, YK500C  joystick, YK500C joystick, YK500b joystick, YK800 joystick ,YK6 operating handle ,YK11 operation handle,YK-FJ6/YK-HJ70 operation handle and other products!
Product features
Ergonomics design, comfortable grip.
Nylon, durable and durable.
A variety of panel combinations can be configured.
1 buttons can be configured on the side.
A maximum of 2 dial wheels can be configured.
This series of products are mainly used in all kinds of lifting machinery, construction machinery, agroforestry machinery and mine machinery. It can be installed on the operating mechanism of the lower end and can be installed separately.
If you need to purchase YK-SP series industrial joysticks, please contact us for more information about this series of industrial joysticks. E-mail:, contact number: +86 15574324501!

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