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The release of technical roadmap of the 2017 edition of Chin
浏览: 发布日期:2018-05-15
Recently, the press conference held in Beijing was held in Beijing, sponsored by the National Strategic Advisory Committee on the construction of the national manufacturing power (hereinafter referred to as the Strategic Advisory Committee) and the China Institute of Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CAS) on the road map (2017 Edition) of the key areas of China made manufacturing. The conference focuses on the main progress made in the ten major areas of China made 2025 in China for more than two years, the main contents of this revision and the key innovation direction of the next few years. Lu Yongxiang, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and director of the Strategic Advisory Committee, Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology and director of the leadership group of the national manufacturing power construction group, attended the conference and addressed the conference.
Play the role of guiding and guiding
According to the introduction, the revision followed the ten key areas and 23 priority development directions determined by the 2015 version of the technical roadmap, and supplemented the key materials and key special manufacturing equipment on the basis of the original development direction. In the ten major fields of "China made 2025", 9 major fields, 20 key directions, several hundred key products, kinds of technology, parameters, magnitude and objectives are carefully adjusted and optimized.
The new version of the technical roadmap will continue to play the role of guiding and guiding, leading enterprises and scientific research, education and other professional institutions to explore the future development direction and focus, guide the market and social resources to the national strategic focus effectively aggregated, and can become a powerful tool for the government departments to design public policies.
Lu Yongxiang said that after the release of the new version of the technical roadmap, we should take more measures and do a good job in the follow-up publicity, interpretation and guidance work, give full play to the guiding role of the technical roadmap to China's manufacturing industry, and effectively transform the wisdom of the academicians and experts into accelerating the building of a powerful manufacturing power and accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing. The new kinetic energy of the industry. First, we should strengthen the publicity, interpretation and guidance work through various forms, speed up the guidance of the market subjects to understand, master and use the new technical roadmap; two, we should speed up the key work of promoting the construction of a powerful manufacturing power, especially the implementation of the five major projects, the creation of the national model area of "China made 2025" and the implementation of "China" The national manufacturing 2025 is divided into provincial and provincial guidelines, combined with the new edition of technical roadmap, to guide the implementation of relevant key tasks, and to adjust the technology research and development, major special, talent cultivation and industrial policy in a timely manner according to the new changes and trends. Three is the key areas or directions determined according to the technical roadmap. The Strategic Advisory Committee has set up several sub committees to further enrich the expertise of the Strategic Advisory Committee and improve the pertinence and professionalization of policy staff.
China made 2025 made remarkable achievements
Xin Guobin pointed out that "made in China 2025" is the first ten year program of action for China to implement the strategy of manufacturing power. In September 2015, the release of the first edition of the technical roadmap has aroused wide attention in all aspects, and provided an important reference for the R & D investment and technological innovation of our manufacturing enterprises. It has played an important role in accelerating the innovation and development of our manufacturing industry, guiding the market and social resources to the national strategic focus effectively.
For more than two years, the construction of a powerful country has made positive progress and achievements. First, we should focus on strengthening the top level design and draw a blueprint for building a powerful country; two is to strengthen the development of the key areas and achieve a lot of major achievements; the three is to strengthen the development of innovation driven, the innovation system of manufacturing industry is continuously perfected, and the four is to vigorously develop the "interconnection". "Network manufacturing", intelligent manufacturing and other new industries, new formats and new models have springing up. Five, we need to further promote structural adjustment and speed up industrial transformation and upgrading.
Xin Guobin stressed that these progress and achievements have further consolidated our country's status as the world's first manufacturing country, made important contributions to historic achievements and historical changes in China's economic development, and laid a solid foundation for our country to speed up the historic process of transforming the manufacturing power into a manufacturing power. The foundation.
Xin Guobin said that at present, the development trend and pattern of global manufacturing industry are undergoing profound changes, the speed of technology iterative updating is accelerating, and the development of industry and market demand are changing with each passing day. In order to reflect the new trend, new situation and new problems of the development of manufacturing industry in time, it provides reference and guidance to all walks of life, and the Strategic Advisory Committee has started the revision of the technical roadmap in early 2017. More than 400 academicians and experts who participated in this revision have investigated the development status of China's key industrial and technical fields, closely followed the latest development of global industrial technology, carefully combed the short board bottlenecks existing in various fields, and created new development goals, key links and key materials for technological needs and technologies in various fields. The material and key equipment were carefully revised to form the 2017 version of the technology roadmap. The new version of technical roadmap is the most scientific, forward-looking and authoritative research achievement of industrial technology innovation in the field of manufacturing industry in China. It has a high reference value for providing innovation and decision-making for enterprises and scientific research institutions.
The three patterns still have not changed
Xin Guobin said that the organization and implementation of "made in China 2025" is a long-term complex systematic project which requires extensive participation and joint efforts by all sectors of society. In the process of promoting the construction of the manufacturing power, we not only attach importance to the guiding role of planning and policy, but also pay more attention to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, and strive to create a good environment conducive to the cohesion of all aspects of society and the strong and strong force of the building and manufacturing power. The Strategic Advisory Committee has organized and published the technical innovation roadmap of the key areas of China made 2025, which is an important embodiment of the wisdom of the third party advisory bodies and experts to provide intellectual support for the scientific decision-making of the market subjects.
Xin Guobin stressed that the implementation of "made in China 2025" has made remarkable achievements, but faces enormous challenges. At present, there are still three patterns that have not changed: the first is that the key core technology and equipment are not fundamentally changed; the two is in the global industrial chain division of labor, the overall situation is still in the middle and low end, and the three is the external competition ring pattern that has not changed radically. At present, a large part of China's manufacturing industry still has a large gap with the world powers. We should see this gap, keep a clear mind and accelerate the historic leap from manufacturing to strong.
The study of the technical roadmap compilation expert group shows that by 2025, China's three fields of communication equipment, rail transportation equipment and power equipment will be the leading ranks of the world and become the guide of technological innovation.
At the conference, Qu Xianming, the director of the manufacturing research office of the Chinese Academy of engineering and the committee member of the Strategic Advisory Committee, introduced the revision of the technical roadmap (2017 Edition), and looked forward to the trend of technological innovation in the key areas of 2025. Wu Yousheng, academician of China Shipbuilding Industry Corp 702nd Research Institute, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation academician of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and Dean Wang Jianmin of Tsinghua University, respectively analyze and interpret the new technical roadmap of marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, space equipment, operating system and industrial software. Lushan, President of China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute, analyzed the changes in the ten key areas of industrial development since the implementation of "China made 2025". Wu Jincheng, deputy director of the Shanghai economic and Information Committee, introduced the practice and effectiveness of promoting the innovation and development of the local key areas with the implementation of the "China made 2025" guide to Shanghai by the deputy director of the city of Shanghai.
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