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Development of engineering machinery industry in the future
浏览: 发布日期:2018-05-15
In 2017 it is Chinese engineering machinery manufacturing industry "new year", especially in the "The Belt and Road along the market, Chinese industrial machinery manufacturers, the layout of the world continues to accelerate the speed of development. Its overseas orders have been fruitful and have achieved rapid growth. According to the statistics of the General Administration of customs, the export of China's construction machinery products reached 20 billion 100 million US dollars in 2017, breaking through 20 billion US dollars for the first time, up 18.5% from the same period, and the trade surplus reached 16 billion 19 million US dollars. China's 5 years of social and economic construction have made great achievements, and now it has reached the intersection of the two historical opportunities of the Chinese nation's great revival of China and the fourth industrial revolution of mankind. China's manufacturing industry is facing the challenge of digital transformation. Support the development of manufacturing industry and promote the digital transformation of manufacturing industry. As a big country with a population of one billion and three hundred million, both military and people's livelihood need to rely on a strong manufacturing industry, but at present China's manufacturing industry is facing huge challenges.
Chinese enterprises should make decisions, deepen their efforts and make thorough efforts.
"Making decisions" means both inclusiveness and control. In the process of transnational mergers and acquisitions, on the one hand, we use an inclusive attitude and attitude to seek common ground and save differences, understand and accept the differences of different cultures, but on the other hand, we hold the right of discourse in the strategy and bring the acquired enterprises into the overall strategic control system.
"Deep" means deep identification and deep coordination. Zhan Chun said that in the process of going out and going in, enterprises should gain deep recognition from inside and outside, and achieve deep coordination at home and abroad. In practice, we should follow the principle of localization, follow the five consensus of "tolerance, rule, responsibility, CO creation and sharing", and form a comprehensive cooperative mechanism of technology, market and capacity to form a close interest community.
"To be thorough" requires not only enterprises but also the best. After going out, enterprises should adjust measures to local conditions, and make the acquisition enterprises into the overall layout of going out. By enhancing capabilities, tap potentials and maximize the role of overseas distribution.
On the road of industrial machinery development in the future, Yan Kai Electric will also strive to develop, seize the tail of national policy, and follow the Chinese industrial machinery merchants to the world.
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