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The development strategy of Chinese machinery industry enter
浏览: 发布日期:2018-05-15
The enterprises of industrial machinery industry in China want to take out certain strategic measures and policies in the new wind of the new era, and take out some strategic measures and policies. The enterprises should build the strategy of "holding the sea out of the sea", establish a unique competitive advantage, create an international strategy, and create an international strategy not to be barbarous conquest, but to promote a win-win situation. To establish the relationship of the destiny community. Therefore, in The Belt and Road Sany initiative, innovation, creating a global multi field hold together the sea strategy. The joint working group has been set up in India, China, and the third country in India, China, and the third country. The combination of strong and strong strength, the realization of complementary advantages and the sharing of technical resources. Whether brand or strength gives the company great value.
The overseas strategy of the cohesive force: focusing on "localization" is the king way, the internationalization, in fact it is localization, the faster the localization goes, the more international the enterprise is. On the one hand, ZOOMLION takes advantage of the new opportunity of the "Silk Road" of the sea and land to focus on 22 key countries, strengthening channel construction and management of large customers, intensive cultivation, and ensuring the quality and efficiency of the business. On the other hand, ZOOMLION takes the subsidiary company's entity operation as the goal of localization, and speeds up the construction of subsidiaries and spare parts center libraries. Step by step the localization and management of personnel, finance, sales, service and spare parts support of the foreign and foreign subsidiaries to ensure that the subsidiaries are made in order to better serve the local market.
China's manufacturing enterprises should strengthen research and development, integrate technical resources, and gradually shorten the gap with the developed countries in technological innovation and product research and development, and finally reach the international level until it becomes the leader of the international industry. In the manufacturing process, the quality and reliability of product technology should be improved by automation and intelligentization, and the problems of low manufacturing efficiency and the decreasing of manufacturing talents and labor force are solved. In addition, we should attach importance to the shaping of Chinese brands, in particular, to improve the follow-up service and spare parts of the products, so that the international customers can realistically feel that all the elements of the Chinese brand are close to the high-end brands in the world.
Chinese manufacturing enterprises must have an "international perspective", make use of global resources to make production, and use global marketing network to promote their operation. "Cooperation with international advanced enterprises and joint ventures can be greatly enhanced."
China's construction machinery enterprises are facing two kinds of markets when developing the world: developed countries represented by Europe and America and developing countries represented by India. To seize the opportunity of development in India, Chinese enterprises will have a good growth, but to truly achieve "globalization" and "world class", the challenge is mainly from the European and American markets. We must rely on innovation drive to transform new and old kinetic energy. "The pattern of growth has been driven by purely investment driven change to consumption upgrading."
In 2018, the government work report also pointed out that, in the past five years, the economic growth has been driven by relying mainly on investment and export to rely on consumption, investment and export. The major structural changes have been realized by relying mainly on the second industry and relying on three industries.
"With the advent of the Internet era, the industrial Internet and Internet of things will emerge in China, which is the biggest challenge in traditional manufacturing industry. This is more complex than engine upgrading. In the case of technological update iteration, enterprises will be eliminated if they do not keep up the pace; and R & D innovation will also be the enterprise. The industry brings more drive. "
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