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Technical Service
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Technical Service


Introduction of Yan Kai electric after service:
The after-sales service provided by our company is:
1) Free online telephone technical consultation
When the user has a question, the user can call the company phone for technical support. Our professional engineer will answer the various technical issues raised by the customer in time.
2) On-site maintenance service
When the customer report failure can not be solved through the technical telephone support, the company will send the engineer to the customer site to remove the fault according to the response time stipulated in the contract and carry out the maintenance.
3) Service of warranty period
Customers who purchase products from our company enjoy warranty service. During this period, our company will provide you with free telephone consultation service, troubleshooting and restoring normal use of products.
4) timely updates of product and technology information
In respect of after-sales, we will provide you with timely technical parameters and updates.
We will ensure the interests of customers and give you the most satisfactory service in all directions.
We offer you professional services, support before and after sales, free consultation and online service.
Service Hotline:+86 155 7432 4501
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