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Yan Kai Electrical professional production of industrial joy
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Hunan Yan Kai Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hoisting electrical equipment and complete electrical system. The leading products are modern enterprises of Yan Kai electric professional production industrial control pole, operation handle, industrial rocker, main order controller, linkage console, potentiometer, limit switch, sensor and other lifting machinery, lifting electric control and other supporting mechanical and electrical products.
The company focuses on developing and producing industrial joystick, mainly producing YJ500C series industrial joystick, YJ01 series industrial joystick, YJ800 series industrial joystick, YJ500 series industrial joystick, YJ200 series industrial joystick, YJ100 series industrial joystick, YJ500b series industrial joystick, YJ02 series industrial joystick, YJ300 Department Industrial control rod, please contact us in detail.
The company has more than 10 years of professional production of linkage control equipment rich experience, with modern production management quality system. The product obtained two Chinese patents, signed by the provincial level and won the prize of less scientific and technological invention. The "Hunan snooker Lifting Appliance Co., Ltd.", the trademark registration of the state industry and Commerce Bureau, has been widely used in the ports, freight yards, wharfs, power plants, iron plants and coal mines in more than 20 provinces and cities throughout the country, and has made contributions to the development of the operating system of the heavy transport machinery.
The company strives to create high quality products and create super value satisfaction for consumers with knowledge, technology and experience. We win the victory with the full advantage, and bring the development for the enterprise. The company regards technology and quality innovation as the foundation of establishing enterprises. We will extensively absorb advanced technological achievements at home and abroad and develop new products to produce products that meet the needs of the market and reliable quality and performance, increase the investment in basic construction and sophisticated equipment, pay attention to the reserve, development and cultivation of high-quality talents, and constantly strengthen the advantages of the enterprises, as snooker is in the domestic and foreign markets. The field has a rich experience, and has a more profound understanding of their expertise. Snooker will be higher, faster, stronger for the development concept, and strive for a greater breakthrough in the industry, with the vast majority of the merchants to advance, cooperation and development, create a better future!
Our service aim is: quality is life, service is the purpose.

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