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The function and structure of low voltage circuit breaker
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Hunan Yan Kai Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hoisting electrical equipment and complete electrical system. The leading products are modern enterprises, such as industrial joystick, operation handle, industrial rocker, main order controller, potentiometer, sensor, limit switch and other kinds of lifting machinery, lifting electric control and other auxiliary mechanical and electrical products.
The function of 1. low voltage circuit breaker
Low voltage circuit breaker, also known as automatic air switch, integrates control and multiple protection functions. It plays the role of connecting, breaking and carrying the rated working current in the electrical circuit, and can protect the circuit and motor under overload, short circuit, and under voltage. Its function is equivalent to the sum of electrical parts or all functions, such as knife switch, over-current relay, undervoltage relay, thermal relay and leakage protector. It is an important protective appliance in low voltage distribution network.
2. structure of low voltage circuit breaker
Low voltage circuit breakers are mainly composed of contacts, arc extinguishing systems, various releaser and actuating mechanisms. Release is also divided into 5 types: electromagnetic release, hot release, double release, undervoltage release and shunt release.

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