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A brief introduction to the concept of control lever and con
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Hunan Yan Kai Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hoisting electrical equipment and complete electrical system. The leading products are modern enterprises, such as industrial joystick, operation handle, industrial rocker, main order controller, potentiometer, sensor, limit switch and other kinds of lifting machinery, lifting electric control and other auxiliary mechanical and electrical products.
The joystick is a commonly used man-machine interface tool. It is widely used in the control and control of engineering machinery, transportation tools, medical equipment, measuring machines, game machines and other equipment. Among them, the electric wheelchair joystick belongs to the precise control handle, which is mainly used in steering, positioning and speed control for high precision control occasions.
The analog control system is composed of discrete elements and a few integrated circuits in the early control rods. It is not only complicated in circuit, but also difficult to debug, and it is difficult to maintain. The emergence of MCU has fundamentally solved this problem, making the study of the joystick developed rapidly and improving the function and flexibility and so on. It is still the first choice for the study of the joystick.
The commonly used control handles are potentiometer type, inductive type, photoelectric effect type, piezoresistive type, Holzer effect type and micro switch type. Among them, the joystick is mainly variable resistance, coded disc and Holzer type.

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