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A brief description of the working principle of the joystick
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Hunan Yan Kai Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hoisting electrical equipment and complete electrical system. The leading products are modern enterprises, such as industrial joystick, operation handle, industrial rocker, main order controller, potentiometer, sensor, limit switch and other kinds of lifting machinery, lifting electric control and other auxiliary mechanical and electrical products.
The basic principle of the joystick is to convert the movement of the plastic rod into the electronic information that the computer can process. This basic design includes a joystick mounted on a plastic base with an elastic rubber shell. A circuit board is located directly below the joystick in the base. The circuit board is made up of some "printed wiring", and these lines are connected to several contact points. Then, from these contacts, the common wires are connected to the computer.
The printed circuit forms a simple circuit (the circuit is made up of some smaller circuits). These lines only transfer current from one contact to another. When the joystick is in the middle, that is, when you have not yet pushed the joystick to any side, all other circuits except one circuit are in a disconnected state. Because the conductor material in each circuit is not completely connected, there is no current passing through the circuit.
The top of each disconnect is covered with a simple plastic button with small metal discs. When you move the joystick in any direction, the joystick will press down one of the buttons to make the conductive metal disc touch the circuit board. In this way, we can close the circuit and complete the connection of the two lines. After the circuit is closed, the current flows across a line from a computer (or a game console) through a printed circuit and returns to a computer (or a game console) through another line.

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