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A brief description of the working principle of the joystick
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Joystick divider
Each divider consists of a curled rail type resistor and a movable contact arm. The current of the computer's power starts from the input end and flows back to the joystick port of the computer through a curled resistor and contact arm.
Moving the contact arm along the guide rail can increase or decrease the resistance value acting on the current flowing through the circuit. If the contact arm is located opposite the other end of the divider input connection, the current will flow through the entire length of the resistor, so the current will have the greatest resistance. If the touch arm is near the input side, the voltage of the divider is the minimum.
Each divider is connected to an axis of the joystick, so the rotating shaft will move the arm. That is to say, if the joystick is pushed forward to the head, the divider touch arm is moved to one end of the guide rail. If the joystick is pulled back to the chest, the contact arm moves in the other direction.
Changing the voltage of the divider can change the current in the circuit of the access divider. In this way, the divider first converts the physical displacement of the joystick into electrical signals, and then transfers the signals to the joystick ports on the computer.
This electrical signal is a simulated signal. It is a wave that contains information, just like a radio signal. In order to make use of this information, the computer needs to transform it into digital information, that is, the exact value.
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