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A brief description of the working principle of the joystick
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Digitalization of joystick
In traditional systems, the card inside the computer (printed circuit board) completes the task by using a very coarse analog to digital converter. The basic idea is to use the voltage change caused by each divider to charge the capacitor, and the capacitance is a simple one.
Single storage electronic components (for more information, see the principle of capacitor operation). The greater the resistance value is, the longer the capacitor charging time is; the smaller the resistor value of the divider, the faster the charging speed of the capacitor.
First, the capacitance is discharged and then the time required for the capacitance charging is calculated. By this way, the position of the divider is determined by the converter to determine the position of the joystick. The measured charging rate is the value that the computer can recognize. When the computer needs to read the joystick position, it will perform this operation.
Connecting the divider to the rotating parts can be applied to all kinds of control.
In the system. For example, the working principle of the traditional steering wheel is like this, directly rotating the divider arm through the steering wheel. Some joysticks also use a voltage divider corresponding to the Z axis, and the Z axis is driven by the rotation of the joystick itself. Some joysticks also have a "big hat" (a tiny thumb operated controller) at the top of the joystick. This small joystick uses the same switch system as the simple joystick introduced in the previous section.
The traditional simulation system can work well in general, but there are some limitations. In the next section, we will explore the main drawbacks of the simulation system and understand some of the latest solutions.
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