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A brief description of the working principle of the joystick
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Hunan Yan Kai Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hoisting electrical equipment and complete electrical system. The leading products are modern enterprises, such as industrial joystick, operation handle, industrial rocker, main order controller, potentiometer, sensor, limit switch and other kinds of lifting machinery, lifting electric control and other auxiliary mechanical and electrical products.
Joystick manufacturers adopt several different ways to solve these problems. One solution is to add a sensitive DAC chip to the dedicated game adapter or joystick itself. In this system, the converter directly transfers digital information to the computer, thus improving the accuracy of the joystick and alleviating the work of the host processor. These new joystick models are usually connected
To USB port, this can also improve speed and reliability. Another solution is to completely abandon analog divider technology. Some latest controllers use optical sensors to read the movement position of the joystick numerically. The following figure shows a common system.
In this system, two axes are connected to two slotted roulette. Each wheel is located between two light-emitting diodes (LED) and two photocell (for convenience) only one pair of photovoltaic cells and LED is shown. When the light emitted by each LED passes through a slot, the photocell on the other side of the wheel will produce a weak current. When the roulette slightly rotates, it will block the light. This time the battery will not generate any electric current (or produce a very small current).
When the shaft rotates, it will drive the wheel to rotate. The moving slot will obstruct the beam of the battery. This makes the photocell produce high speed current pulses. According to the number of pulses generated by the photocell, the processor can know the distance of the joystick moving. By comparing the pulse diagrams of the two photocell from the same roulette, the processor can calculate the trajectory of the longitudinal bar movement. Many computer mice also use the same basic system.

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