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YK-4122N limit switch
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C4B-4122N safety limit switch
1. Characteristics of limit switch:
1)when the device is forced to disconnect, the contact can be disconnected when faults such as contact fuses occur.
2)the safety of the pendulum bar ensures that the gear between the action position indicator panel and the swing rod is adopted.
3) strengthen the top seal structure to improve the sealing performance.
4) the internal contact seat has a quick moving type: 1NC/1NO; slow moving type: 1NC/1NO, 2NC.
2. Protection grade:
1)mechanical life: more than 10 million times
2) electrical life: more than 500 thousand times (AC250V 10A/ resistance load)
3) operation speed: 1mm to 0.5m/s
4)rated frequency: 50/60Hz
5) vibration: single amplitude of 10 ~ 55Hz 0.75mm
6)ambient temperature: -20 ~ +80 C (no ice and dew).
7)quality: About 250g
3. Product size
If you need to purchase limit switch, please contact us for more information about this series of limit switch.,Contact phone: 15574324501

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