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Hunan Yan Kai Electric Co., Ltd.,It is a technology intensive enterprise specializing in research and development ,manufacturing all kinds of industrial joysticks, remote lever, control lever, operation handle, master controller, potentiometers, sensors and limit switches.
After more than 10 years of rapid development, the company has a high reputation among its peers. And the product is complete,by application, our joysticks can be divided into Light Duty, Middle Duty and Heavy Duty joysticks, by operation, can be divided into Single Axis, Dual Axis and Three Axis (the third axis is finger dial wheel), by electrical output, can be divided into Potentiometer and Hall sensors. The products are strictly tested and tested. Our joysticks are mainly used in hydraulic proportional control or variable frequency motor control, such as mining machinery, marine machinery, steel works equipment, construction machinery, video control, medical equipment, etc. It has contributed to the development of hoisting machinery operating system.
The company strives for high quality products, and the technology and quality innovation as the foundation of the enterprise. Widely absorb advanced technology achievements at home and abroad, aim at producing products that meet the needs of market and products with reliable quality and performance, increase investment in infrastructure and sophisticated equipment, pay attention to the reserve, development and training of high-quality talents, and continuously enhance the supporting strength of enterprises. Yin Niu has rich experience in the market at home and abroad. In the future, we will strive for a bigger breakthrough in the industry and go hand in hand with the customers, cooperate and develop together to create a better future.
Company tenet: quality is life, user is God, honesty is the foundation!

Hunan Yan Kai Electric Co., Ltd.


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