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XLK23P Master controller
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Hunan Yan Kai electric focuses on the development and production master controller for more than 10 years. It mainly produces LK23 master controller, QT18 master controller, YGK3, YGK5 master controller, QT3A, QT101 main order controller, DQT1 master controller, SNOK series and other master controllers, which are applicable to the lifting machinery industry. Cranes, port cranes, crawler cranes, truck cranes, tower cranes and so on;
Main parameters: AC 380V, DC 220V, current 10A
The main advantages are: changing the traditional installation method, changing the installation operation on the disk to the installation under the tray, and making the operation table clean. It has the advantages of small volume, flexible operation and simple maintenance.
1, it is suitable for AC 380V, DC 220V, current 10A multi-directional control loop.
2, analog controller, suitable for DC speed regulation, electric shaft control and angle, displacement, signal transmission and so on. It includes the use of synchro, resolver and potentiometer and other devices to achieve the purpose of control. The structure of the controller is operated in single direction and vertical and cross cross direction. The installation of the disk and the operating mode on the plate are the substitute for the import and export products, and also the replacement products of the controller.

(1) XLK23P is a new type of controller which is installed on disk and under the plate. It is made up of advanced engineering plastics. It consists of "ten" word direction or "one" direction control mechanism, arc extinguishing chamber and reset mechanism. According to needs, each unit is equipped with up to four controllers, each control device is equipped with up to 6 contact boxes and each contact. The cassette has two pairs of double break contacts and controls two independent loops. There is an emergency button on the handle, which can be used for safety emergency and other special control.
The analog quantity controller is controlled by the operation handle to change the output angle of the self - adjusting machine or the rotary transformer and the potentiometer, and change the voltage signal and the resistance signal.
1. When installing, the dustproof sleeve is turned over and the decorative plate is removed. The controller is aligned from the plate to the installation hole, the decoration board is covered, the screw is fixed in the non military area, the dust cover is turned down, and the sleeve controller can be put on. And do not remove any part of the controller.
2. When installing, the direction of "one" and "direction" in one direction operation can be installed according to need without changing the controller. But we should pay attention to the direction of forward, backward, Xiang Zuo and rightward controllers.
3. When the machine is out of factory, there are lubricating grease in the control mechanism and other parts. Use the front control handle to see if the contact indicator is consistent with the closed list. If there is any mistake, please contact the manufacturer promptly.
4. In the running process, contact boxes should be replaced if the controller contacts wear more than 1/3, and attention should be paid to AC and DC.
5, analog controller, installation and replacement of the order of organic or rotating transformers, potentiometers, should pay attention to voltage, specifications, resistance, adjust zero position after the adjustment of the machine or rotary transformer, potentiometer can be strong.
6, regularly open the dustcoat, pour a little oil or a small amount of glycerin into the mechanism.
7, this product is strictly prohibited to use phenol containing aldehydes solvent cleaning, strictly prohibit high temperature baking.
1) the full name of the controller must be specified when the order is ordered. In order to facilitate the use of this controller, we provide a list of the national series of main order controllers and XLK23P Series in the appendix. You can order the list of LK23P products and the closed form at the time of order, and we will all meet your needs.
For example:
XLK23P-12/413, single direction operation. That is, the closing table meets the 12/41's single direction disk operation of the controller 3.
XLK23P-6/11-2/133 station, cross direction operation. That is, the closing meter is in line with the longitudinal direction of 6/11. That is, the closing table meets the 2/13's transverse direction of the operation of the controller 3.
XLK23P-2/11-2/112 stage, with potentiometer, resistance 2K (2K-02-2K) cross direction operation. That is, the closing table fits 2/11, with potentiometers, and operates vertically and horizontally cross the direction of the operation of the controller 2.
Analog controller. Example: XLK23P-04B-404B 2, cross direction operation. That is, the synchro model is BD-404B controller with 2 vertical and horizontal cross directions. The standard wiring diagram of the product is attached (two).
2) if you are not familiar with the XLK23P product closing table, you can place the order by LK1, LK5, LK16, LK17 and so on. We will provide you with the required XLK23P products in time.
If you need to purchase XLK23P Master controller, please contact us for more information about this series of industrial joysticks. E-mail:, contact number: +86 15574324501!

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